Where does passion come from?

As far back as I can remember I have been drawn to the creative world. Dabbling in this and that. You name it I tried it.

When I tried knitting I used the cheapest yarn I could find. I enjoyed the technique but the yarn hurt my hands. I made small projects from time to time nothing spectacular. For years I didn’t pick up my needles. Then I found a specialty yarn store and there were so many fibers I never knew existed. Luxury like I had never felt and never knew was available in yarn. I was determined to make something with this yarn but a yarn this amazing deserved a special pattern. I went home and taught myself how to knit and design cables. Went back to the store and picked out this amazing gray merino. I made my first luxurious knit, it was like my baby. Ever since I haven’t put the needles down.

Now I look at yarn and see endless possibilities. I design and create year around. Because of that one stop at a specialty store knitting with fine fibers is my passion. When I create a handmade piece for someone, a piece of me goes into every stitch.

My theory is if I don’t love it or if I wouldn’t wear it...why should I make it for you. In my mind everyone deserves a luxurious hand crafted cozy knit.

Thank you for joining me on my creative journey filled with cozy soft yarn. I hope to make something for you. Stay Warm. Stay Cozy. Best Wishes. ➰Makenzie 

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