Gigi’s Scarf

There has been this triangle scarf in my closet that has always been one of my favorites. It was one I inherited from my mom when she passed away. I always admired the stitching and how elegant it is. It isn't fancy by any means, just the right amount of texture and lace. While I was putting it on one day getting ready to walk out the door I noticed something. There was a small tag in the corner I had never seen before; a small tag that was hand written. This tiny tag with elegnat perfect penmanship in the corner had my great-grandmothers name on it. I knew that she was a very talented and creative person, but I had no idea that I had a piece of her art. That this scarf that I had worn countless times was hand created by my moms beloved Gigi. Now it is holds an extra special place in my heart and is truly one of my favorites. 

With this new discovery I found myself inspired to create and design my own triangle scarf. Now, I had not made one in years and I had never designed my own. So, needless to say I had no idea where to start. So, you could say that it took lots of trial and errors and more math than I thought it would. Trying to get the look I was trying to achieve combining drape with texture was a challenge, but with much frogging came success. 

 and maybe one of yours. Now you can have a "Gigi's Scarf" handmade by me or create your own from my newest addition to my pattern collection. Stay Cozy. Stay Warm. - Makenzie 

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