Seattle Cowl

In the beginning of my maker journy I created many patterns and some I fell in love with more than others. We all start somewhere and the Seattle Cowl is one of my very first patterns I wrote down. It is simple, fun to create, and I personaly love it.

A fun quick knit up that looks great with everything. A little lace and chunky stitiches throughout. A simple pattern to customize to create in your own style. Grab your favorite needles and yarn and create your own “Seattle Cowl”

I hope you enjoy creating this pattern as much as I do. 


Heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn 300 yards 

or Bulky (super bulky) yarn 150 yards 

Knitting needle circular US 15 (10 mm)

Stitch marker (to indicate beginning of the round)

Crochet hook (if doing provisional cast on)

Tapestry needle to weave in ends

Skills Required:

Knit (K)

Purl (P)

Yarn Over (YO)

Cast On (CO)

Bind Off (BO)


This pattern is worked in the round, making it a seamless knit. Your stitch marker will help you remember where your row begins and ends. Cast on using your favorite method, I recommend the provisional cast on it has a bit more stretch creating more drape with the lace edging. This pattern was designed using two strands of Aran weight yarn at once, if you prefer to use a bulky yarn as an alternative you will only use one strand. 

CO 80 stitches

Place stitch marker, be sure your yarn is not twisted on the needle and begin working in the round.

Row 1: *K1, YO2, repeat across 

Row 2: *P1, drop YO, repeat across

Row 3: Knit across

Row 4: Purl across

Row 5: Knit across

Row 6: Purl across

Row 7: Knit across

Row 8: Purl across

Row 9: Knit across

Row 10: Purl across

Row 11: *K1, YO2, repeat across 

Row 12: *P1, drop YO, repeat across

Row 13: Knit across

Row 14: Purl across

Row 15: Knit across

Row 16: Purl across

Row 17: Knit across

Row 18: Purl across

Row 19: Knit across

Row 20: Purl across

Row 21: *K1, YO2, repeat across 

Row 22: *P1, drop YO, repeat across

Row 23: Knit across

Row 24: Purl across

Row 25: Knit across

Row 26: Purl across

Row 27: Knit across

Row 28: Purl across

Row 29: Knit across

Row 30: Purl across

Row 31: *K1, YO2, repeat across 

Row 32: *P1, drop YO, repeat across

Stretchy Bind Off

You have permission to resell what you make with this pattern in small quantities, you must credit Hanks And Needles for the pattern.

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