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Knit socks in record time!

Say Hello Vice Versa!!

I was so excited when I heard that Amanda, from Stitch Noir, was bringing in DK Sock yarn. You might be thinking, DK sock yarn? Why? With the holidays right around the corner and I don't know about you but taking a moment during these months of hustle and bustle, to just sit and knit is true me moment. One that we all forget to do this time of year. Whether we are making a quick knit for ourselves. . .because we deserve it. . .or putting the time and energy into creating something special for a knit-worthy friend or loved one. I mean come on who doesn't love a gift with all the yarn squishiness? Right!!

To be honest, socks are one of my all time favorite selfish knits. I love that they don’t take a lot of yarn, so when you see that one hank of yarn that is calling your name and you just can't say no to from your Local Yarn Shop or Indie Dyer, you don't feel guilty taking it home. Simply knit in a small circle to create a beautiful simple socks, or add as many twists and turns to make it as engaging and complex as you like. I know for many knitters one of the downfalls is that they can be they take a while to make, but not these!

Vice Versa works up quickly with DK weight yarn, they are perfect for all knitters! Whether you are new to the world of knitting socks, or you love them as much as I do, these will fly off your needles and onto your feet in no time.

You might be wondering why the name Vice Versa. I wanted to make sure that anyone and everyone that wanted to knit these sock could. So, I designed them in both, yes both, methods. . .Toe Up and Cuff Down. You get to choose which one to make, or make them both like I did. Who says they have to match.

Pattern is available on Ravelry and Payhip! Want the kit too? Stitch Noir has created an array of stunning DK Sock Kits. Each kit includes a full hank of sock DK and 2 perfectly paired minis...oh and now through the end of 2021 a FREE copy of Vice Versa!


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There is more coming VERY soon . . Like next week soon!

Until then my knitting friends.

Happy Knitting,



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