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Why Knitting

From the beginning I was drawn to the art of knitting. Even as a child there was something almost picturesque about the old woman in the corner knitting away. Sitting in a rocking chair smiling to herself about the memories and precious moments in her life. I wanted to grow to be that woman. Never did I dream at such a young age that knitting would grow to be such an important part of my daily life.

Years later a friend taught me the basics of knitting and after months of practice I got the hang of it. I dabbled with stitches for years always dawn to the endless rows of yarn isles and the magical land of yarn shops.

Knitting did not become a deep passion until I taught myself how to cable. I was always daunted by them and worried they would be difficult to create; but I was wrong. They look complex and intimidating, but in reality it is just changing the order the stitches are worked. Starting off with simple twists and moving towards more complex cables, the theory is the same.

Years later still obsessed with cables and yarn. Designing my own patterns and sharing them with the fiber community.


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