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One Skein Wonder

Many of us are guilty of collecting yarn as we see all those beautiful colorways shining so brightly on the shelves of our local LYS or beaming out from an Instagram post. Maybe there is only one left, or we splurge on that one hank because we just can’t leave it there. All that stash enhancement leaves us with a collection of gorgeous single hanks and, no matter how much we try, sometimes there just isn’t another skein in our stash that will be its perfect match.

So, as I sat in my creative space, looking at all those beautiful single hanks just waiting for that perfect project, I had an idea that just stuck with me. There was one beautifully dyed hank by Traveling Yarn that was calling to me; this delicate shade of pink, called Belladonna, in one of my favorites, sport weight. I decided it was time to dive into something new and hope that my idea would come together . . . sometimes my designs don’t translate the way I imagine.

However, this time -- this time! -- it was like the needles and the yarn were conducting a beautiful symphony. The math was perfection, the needles clicked in rhythm, the yarn was in perfect harmony and, ta-dah! Amagabeli was complete.

Amagabeli was inspired by lush, elegant gardens that are surrounded by ornate ironwork fencing. This hat replicates that decorative ironwork with ribbed stitching and all-over cables that twist this way and that, transitioning into a blooming, intricate crown.

This is the first of many patterns coming this year and it is now available on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

OH! I have two new and exciting things to share! The debut of my YouTube channel is here! That’s right, I finally took the plunge and will be creating video tutorials full of some of my favorite knitting tips, tricks, and techniques. There’s more! Did you see I have a NEW newsletter, too? Be the first to hear all the news, get exclusive discounts and much more. Don't forget to sign up while you are here on my blog!

I can’t wait to see all your beautiful hats, be sure to tag me @hanksandneedles on Instagram and Facebook.

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